Channeled Messages: Changing The Way One Views Money

Channeled Messages: Changing The Way One Views Money

-Beginning of channeled message-

We would ask you this question: If money was not an issue of any kind at the moment, how would you feel?

Understand that many people’s lives, emotions, feelings, thoughts and so on, revolve around money in some way.

Wether it be being how much something costs, how much they have or do not have, bills and payments, how much or how little work or payment they receive from work etc.

What if for a moment, you eliminated money from the equation, how does that feel within you?

Notice how that feels in your body and your mind.

What if all the focus on money is holding you away from money?

What if you let go of the need for it?

What would happen if you focused on being of service, putting one hundred percent effort into your work, adding value, sharing your gifts and talents with the world simply because it feels better to do so and not because you are wanting a specific outcome, in other words financial gain?

What would happen if you you focused more on being in alignment with who you really are and your higher self?

What would happen if you opened your heart to where you are currently, no matter what the circumstances may be?

What would happen if not focusing on money lead to allowing more in?

Understand that this does not mean that money is not important or not needed or that you should spend money unwisely or not pay attention to your finances.

Understand that the idea is to change where you focus and energy go.

Understand that many people on your planet work and work and never really get anywhere.

Understand that when one is always chasing money in some way, you will never feel fulfilled, happy and in alignment.

Understand that money is a by product of being of service in some way.

What if getting yourself into perfect alignment with who you really are each and every day and staying there as much as you can, taking the inspired actions that show up for you, and being of service to others is what brought true wealth and abundance?

Understand that the energy of chasing something is one of resistance.

It is coming from a fear based place.

It is saying that there will never be enough.

So one creates resistance and it slows everything down or blocks it from showing up.

What if you treated money like someone you love or a child?

You would never tell someone you love or a child that you are not enough.

Understand that money is part of the human experience and many times it becomes the main focus of ones life.

It can start to control one by things such as they do not have enough money to do this or that.

But money is simply energy, you are in control of it fully and completely.

We would ask you to try this:

Mediate each day for at least ten minutes or more. In this meditation focus on your breathing and when you feel more relaxed, imagine a beam of white light around your body connecting you to your higher self and the universe. Repeat to yourself, I am in perfect alignment with who I am, this is the only thing that matters. Notice how it feels within you. Notice that feeling of love, fulfillment and that connection.

As you do this, start to notice any inspirations or ideas that show up for you either in the meditation or throughout the day and begin to take action on them in whatever way you can, even if it is just writing it down.

Reframe money in your mind as someone you love or a child. Treat it as such consistently.

Throughout the day, focus on being of service, being open, giving and adding value in everything you do.

As you do this consistently over a period of time, notice the changes that occur, inside and out.

Remember how you feel the first step to manifesting.

Understand that by practising being in alignment with who you really are, and your indicators are the feelings of joy, love, passion and excitement, all those good feeling feelings, you open yourself up to ideas and inspirations that can lead to receiving more financially.

Money is an important part of the human experience, but at the end of the day, it is simply energy and how much you receive is how much you allow in.

Let go of the resistance, let go of the need and change how you see money to something that feels better.

We thank you for your time and wish you much luck on your journey.

-End of channeled message-

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Elora channels a group called “HU” who are higher dimensional beings and she has channeled them from many years. The channeled messages are from their perspective.


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