Channeled Messages: On Insight and Taking Action

Channeled Messages: On Insight and Taking Action

-Beginning of channeled message-

Understand that many times humans are given insights in to things going on in ones life but they take it no further.

Understand that many people ask how to change their life or get what they want, but when told, do not follow through.

Understand that you can have all the insight in the world but if you do not take any action, it is useless.

Understand that when one takes action on that insight or revelation, that is what is most valuable and important.

Understand that even if that action is going in wards and meditating or going out a doing something, it is important that one does so.

If one wants to change ones life, one must do the inner and the physical work.

One can help others find that insight, but it is up to one to continue it in the physical.

If one receives insight to the root of what their fear maybe, one must do the work in releasing that fear themselves.

If one receives insight into how to create more abundance, one must do the work to receive it.

Understand that sometimes insight does not resonate with one, and that is fine, and one may leave it be.

Understand that knowing is only part of the game.

You live in a physical world, therefore you must do physical things along side the non-physical to create or heal.

When you receive insight, do the work and see what changes occur.

We thank you for your time and wish you much luck on your journey.

-End of channeled message-

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Elora channels a group called “HU” who are higher dimensional beings and she has channeled them from many years. The channeled messages are from their perspective.


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