Channeled Messages: On Winning The Lottery

Every once and a while I will get the question of will I win the lottery and it got me thinking of seeing what spirit had to say about how to go about it. A lot of time people are looking for the easy way out as in if I just get the right numbers I can win. But to really win and that money be a positive thing, you have to do the inner work first and see the whole process as a journey. Keep in mind this is spirits perspective on it! Enjoy!

-Beginning of channeled message-

Understand that everyone is capable of winning a lottery or contest.

Understand that sometimes the process is more valuable to ones development than the actual win.

Sometimes the actual win is more valuable to ones development than the process.

Understand that to win in a way that is of value to you and those around you, you must vibrationally put yourself in a place of being ready for it.

Many times winners are not ready for the large sum of money they receive and it causes problems for them.

Your first step is figuring out exactly how much money you would love to win. Be specific and practical.

Your next step in allowing this in is to ask yourself who would you have to be and what would you have to believe to allow this in.

What type of person wins the lottery?

What type of person allows in that much abundance and wealth?

What would you have to believe about the lottery and yourself to allow it in?

For example, perhaps I would have to be someone who is responsible and comfortable with large amounts of money. I would have to be someone who feels comfortable around wealthy people and expensive things. I would have to be someone who is worthy and deserving of that money. I would have to be someone who values and appreciates what they already have etc.

I would have to believe that it is easy to win. I would have to believe that I am a winner, that money is good, that if I win so does everyone else etc.

Once you have made a list start finding ways in your daily life to be those things.

For example, you could read about investing large amounts of money or talk to an accountant. You could do affirmations to remind yourself that you are worthy and deserving. You could write down things you are thankful for each day etc.

We would also suggest writing down and planning out what exactly you would do with the money. Be very specific and make sure that it is in alignment with a purpose.

For example, you could use a set amount of money to further your business, you could use it to help put your children though school, you could pay off your home and buy rental property etc.

You should then look at how to invest, who you could talk to to help you do so and how to manage money properly.

Understand that where you are currently you are not set up to allow that amount of money in otherwise you would have it.

It is about mentally, physically and emotionally preparing yourself on a daily basis before you ever buy a ticket.

It is about using this as an opportunity for growth and clearing out what no longer serves you.

It is about using this as an opportunity to challenge yourself to see if you can allow that amount of money or something better in.

Do this because it is fun and enjoyable and that the outcome is just a bonus.

Keep things light and take any pressure or resistance off.

Visualizing winning, visualize what you will do with the money, visualize how it will help you and those around you and notice how good that feels within you.

Many times people do not win because they do not really want it.

The think I will buy a big home and a fancy car.

They make it about material items.

That is fine to have material items but in your heart, what car would you love to have? What home would you actually love to have? What items would actually bring you joy not what you think you are supposed to have?

Dig deep and from the heart, what would you love to have if you were given that amount of money?

Understand that it is not about reaching for the goal, it is about become the person you would have to be to allow that goal in.

It is about becoming someone who wins.

Practise noticing the abundance you have now for you live in a world of infinite abundance.

Practise feeling what it would feel like to have that large amount of money sitting in your bank account.

Get to a point where it feels comfortable and good.

If it feels overwhelming than you are not ready.

Clear out the clutter in your home to make way for the energy to flow.

Spend time around people who support abundance not complain about not having any money.

Pay attention to your thoughts on a daily basis and be very diligent about choosing thoughts that serve you.

Prepare yourself for the difficulties and problems that come with that amount of money.

Will you tell all your friends and family?

How will you handle it when people ask for handouts or stop speaking to you?

What boundaries would you have to put in place?

If you actually want to win the lottery it be of service to you, you need to be someone who wins the lottery.

So who would you have to be, what actions would you have to take, what would you have to believe to be true, what specifically would you do with the money and how will you handle conflict?

Use all the tools you have available to you such as visualization, vision boards, journaling, meditation etc.

Once you are in a place that you feel you can allow it in.

Buy a ticket and let go of the outcome and see what happens.

We thank you for your time and wish you much luck on your journey.

-End of channeled message-

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Elora channels a group called “HU” who are higher dimensional beings and she has channeled them from many years. The channeled messages are from their perspective.


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