Meditation: Blending with Spirit For Channeling

This is a meditation/ exercise to help with learning how to channel. This is one that I used when I was starting and have used it since to help others make break through's in their channeling, particularly vocal channeling. In this exercise you will meet the being you will be channeling or have been channeling and blend with their energy. Don't put limits on who you are supposed to be channeling because it might change and you may have someone different this time. This is good if you do any type of channeling, such as automatic writing, inspired speech, angel guidance and healing. This will help strengthen every aspect of any type of channeling that you do. Do not force this, the more you relax and allow the easier it will be. There is a part in this exercise where you have the opportunity to speak in the channeling state if you so desire, I would recommend getting a recording device of some sort or have someone there with you.

Allow and be open to whatever comes to you!

  1. Close your eyes and focus on your breath

  2. In front of you is a stair case, notice what the stair case looks like, what is it made of? What colour is it? How big is it?

  3. Begin to head up the stair case, taking your time on each step

  4. As you continue up the stair case notice yourself becoming lighter and lighter. Notice the energy begin to change. You should begin to now notice your body less and less.

  5. Once you reach the top of the stair case, notice who is waiting for you at the top. Don't force whose there or expect a certain person or being. Allow who ever is there to be there. You may not know who this being is and you may not need to know who this being is just yet.

  6. Notice what they look like, what they are wearing, what colour is their skin ect.

  7. Notice what their energy is like and as you notice your energy and theirs begin to blend together

  8. Take your time and allow this being to come closer and closer. Noticing the energy changes as they do.

  9. Let them completely blend with you so that there is no difference between you and them. Stay there for a bit.

  10. *This is the time to begin noticing if any words come into your mind. If any do you may speak them now. If not that's ok too.

  11. When you are ready begin to separate your energies. Start to move away so that they are now back in front of you. Thank them for meeting with you and you may now being to descend down the stair case.

  12. Once you reach the bottom of the stairs case, begin to bring your attention back to your body and the room you are in and when you are ready you may open your eyes.

Take notes on the experience, write down any words that came into your mind and make note of what the being looked like. Don't worry if the words don't make sense or you are only getting one word! The more you do it, the stronger you will get at it.

You may do this exercise as many times as you wish, each time you do it, it will get easier and easier. Keep track of your progress and have fun with it!

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