The 4 Clairs and Their Charkas

There are four ways that intuitive’s receive information, clairvoyance, clairsentient, clairaudience, and claircognizant. In other words that are not french, clear seeing, clear feeling, clear hearing and clear knowing. Knowing where each is located energetically on the body can help you develop and improve your intuitive and psychic abilities much easier.

Clairaudience- Ear Chakras located at the temples on the side of the head.

Clairsentient- Heart chakra located in the chest area

Claircognizant- Crown chakra located at the top of the head

Clairvoyance- Third eye chakra located at the forehead.

Sometimes these energy centres can get blocked and when that happens it gets harder to receive information. A good thing to do is when you are meditating to focus on one area at at time and imagine it and feel it expanding and opening up. You can see this as white light or the corresponding colours:

Ear Chakra: Maroon or redish purple

Heart: Green

Crown: Purple or white

Third Eye: Indigo

You may notice the energy centre opening up by feelings of pressure, tingling, a sense of expansion, a feeling of love or sense of peace. With the ears you may get a ringing or pressure change.

Everyone has all four clairs, some just may be more developed or more open than others and knowing the corresponding chakras and where they are on the body is important in that development!

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