3 Reasons Why You Might Not Be Able To Connect To Spirit

Throughout our spiritual journey, there are times where we can connect to spirit so easily and other times nothing happens… which is super annoying… Here are three reasons why you might be having trouble!

  1. Fear

Fear will always block your ability to pick up spirit. If you are afraid that you will connect to something negative or hear something you do not want to hear etc. you will stop the flow of communication. There is also a lot of negative connotations to working with spirit from past life and the present one. You carry everything with you from lifetime to lifetime. So if there were negative things related to healing to connecting to spirit in your past life, you might have fears connection to spirit in the present life. Things like the witch hunts and the inquisitions in the past are just an example of negative situations connected to this type of work. You may have had people say things to you growing up or as you are opening up that are negative such as it is not real, you or people like you are crazy, it is sinful etc. Working through these negative beliefs and fears will help you open up. A good thing to do when you are meditating is to ask what do I need to let go of so that I can open up to spirit fully? See what comes up for you and feel it and let it go. You can let it go by crying, writing, singing, dancing etc. If you are afraid something negative will come through, use protection and ask to only work with beings of love and light and love and light only. Nothing can violate your free will. So if you have put protection in place, stated your intentions and cleansed the room with white sage or palo santo, you should be fine. Beings of love and light will never say anything scary and everything will be said in a positive, loving and inspiring way. If you are getting dark, negative or scary information, stop what you are doing, cleanse and come back to it another time.

Connecting to the spirit world should always feel good, be helpful and loving. The more you let go of fear, the easier it is to connect to the spirit world!

2. Trying To hard

If you are trying to hard, it will be harder to connect to the spirit world. If you think it is supposed to be a certain way, feel a certain way or have certain information come through, you are blocking it. It takes a light and high energy to connect to spirit. If you are forcing it, you are creating resistance and blocking everything. The more you let go and allow the easier it is. Notice when you feel that resistance, when you are trying to make it happen, when you are thinking it is supposed to be a certain way. Stop yourself, breathe and let go and allow. The less you try the easier it is!

3 . Sick or Stressed

If you are not feeling well or stressed out, it will be harder to connect. When you are sick your life force energy and vibration tend to be lower. So if you are trying to connect with beings at a higher vibration and your vibration is lower than it normally is, it will be a struggle. It can take a lot of energy to connect, especially if you are vocal channeling or energy healing. If you are stressed out, your mind is racing, your energy is frantic and all over the place, the energy tends to be heavier. Connecting to spirit takes having a clear mind, reducing thoughts and relaxing into it. So if you are stressed out, you are experiencing the opposite of that. If you are not in the right mindset, angry, upset etc. your vibration is out of alignment with spirits. When you are connecting to spirit, you are lining up with their energy the best you can. The more in alignment you are with them, the easier it is to connect.

So, if you are having trouble connecting to spirit, stop, take a step back and see what is going on. Is there some underlying fears you need to let go of? Are you trying too hard to make it happen? Are you stressed or not feeling well? Then either come back to it another time, lighten up on it or let go of what is no longer serving you.

Spirit is always willing and able to connect, it is up to you to allow them and to be open to do so!

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