How To Create Balance With The Spirit World and Your World

Sometimes hanging out in the spirit world can get a bit overwhelming at times. It is fun to be in those high vibrations, to meditate or to connect with spirit but it is also important to remember that we also have to live in this reality too. For those of us that are predominately right brained, spiritual, creative and healers, finding some ways to create balance is a good idea especially if you are spending long periods of time in that state.

For me, I do readings pretty much every day, along with that comes meditating everyday and then I have my music and songwriting, blog posts and a podcast. So I spend a lot of time in that right brained world which I love more than anything, but sometimes a girl needs a break!

I find a good way to create balance is to do things that involve the left brain (analytical and methodical thinking). Some good things to do are to read or learn about scientific concepts, math problems, sudoku, problem solving type games, learning about or doing things that involve finances or even learning an instrument.

I find that when I add these types of things in, my work gets better, I am more focused and I feel more grounded and centred. (If you have a day job that involves the left brain, then you are probably covered! )

This goes the other way too, if you are too left brained on a regular basis adding in things like meditation, connecting to the spirit world, journaling, art or music is a good way to balance out.

I find it kind of like a teeter toter. If you have too much of one side, you become weighed down, but if you have a bit of both, you even out! Creating balance is important in all areas of life!

So if you find you are heading too much towards one side or another find ways to balance yourself out so that you can excel even more in the areas you really love!