3 Ways To Improve Your Clairaudience (Clear Hearing)

Clairaudience means clear hearing and it is one of the ways you pick up information from the spirit world. With clairaudience you will get things like hearing words, sentences conversations, music, or sounds. Here are some ways to help you hear better!

1.Set the intention

Set the intention that you would like to be more clairaudient. A good time to do this is before you sit down to meditate or before you fall asleep. By allowing spirit to work on you while in the altered state of meditation or sleep, can help you open up much more easier and quicker! Asking and setting intentions for any area of improvement can help move things along!

2. Open the ear chakras

Where you temples are on the side of your head, is where the ear chakras are located. Your ear chakras are where your clairaudience comes from. You can imagine while light surrounding the area and that light getting bigger and bigger, pushing it outwards. If you are good at energy healing, you can put your healing hands over the area with the intention of hearing spirit better. Or you can get energy healing done if you find that easier.

3. Listening

Sit quietly and close your eyes and start to listen to everything that is going on around you. Really focus in on what you are hearing and what subtleties you can pick up. Start to magnify the sounds and see how far away you can hear. By doing this, you are actively working on hearing and tuning in to the subtle energies and sounds.

The more you practise the better you will get at it. Some people are more naturally stronger with certain clairs than other ones but you have all four (hearing, seeing, feeling and knowing). The better you get at being open to all four, the more ways spirit can communicate with you!

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