The 3 Best Crystals For Protection

Protection is so important especially if you are opening yourself up to the spirit world. Typically the black or dark crystals are used for protection. You can wear them, carry them around with you, or place them around your environment. Make sure you cleanse your crystals every so often! Placing them under moonlight, running them under cold water or placing them sea salt water are some good ways to clear them. Here is a brief  overview of the 3 best crystals to use for protection!



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Jet is fossilized wood which is why it feels really light in weight compared to other crystals. It is traditionally used to help with grief and is also good for anger, depression, headaches and trauma. It acts as an energetic filter and absorbs negative energy. It is great if you feel like you are under a psychic attack or experiencing negative energies or emotions.



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Black Obsidian

Obsidian is formed from lava cooling quickly from a volcano. It is a great for protection, removing negative energy and attachments from the aura. It is used for helping to unearth negative thought patterns that hold you back from personal and spiritual growth. You can also use to help ground you or when you need some truth.



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Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is good for protection from negative energies and energy vampires. It can act like a boundary or shield between you and others so that you do not pick up their negative energy. It is also good for grounding and for calming anxiety and panic attacks. It can become highly electrical when heated or rubbed and it is used as electrical tuning circuits for conducting television and radio frequencies.



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