5 Ways To Help You Get Started In Opening Up Your Intuitive Gifts

It can be hard to know where to start to open up your intuitive gifts and abilities. There are lots of different modalities and it can get confusing but if you feel that you are being drawn to this type of work, you just have to jump in! Here are 5 ways to help you get started!

Learn how to meditate. 

This is where you start. You will never get away from meditating as an intuitive. When you relax and quiet the mind, that is when you can start to connect to the subtle energies. It will also help you to be able to control your gifts and abilities. There are lots of guided meditations online/youtube, there are classes you can take and even joining a yoga class will help. Some easy meditations you can do is to sit quietly and close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Practise deep breathing, bringing the air into the diaphragm then the lungs. Another simple one is a candle meditation. Light a candle, sit quietly and gaze at the flame. If your thoughts go, bring them back to the flame. This will help crate focus and will take you into deeper states of meditation.

Take a class or join a group.

Learning with others is a great way to help open you up. In a class setting trying the exercises and getting out of your comfort zone will help open you up. Just by going to a class or group you are setting the intention that you would like to open up in that area. Meditating as a group improves everyones gifts much faster. Check your area for classes or groups!

Focus on one area at time.

If you are interested in learning mediumship, just focus on that. If you are interested in learning energy healing, just focus on that. It can be easy to jump around but you will get overwhelmed. At the end of the day, all the modalities go together and if you are good in one area, it will help you in other areas. See what resonates with you, which modality excites you and lights you up and head in that direction. For me, I started out doing mediumship and angel guidance readings. I later discovered vocal channeling and found that that is my favourite way to work so I stayed focused on that. As you continue to open up you will see what areas you enjoy working in and the more specified you are, the stronger you will be at it.


There a lots of books on intuitive work that are great to help you gain knowledge and understanding. Doreen Virtue has tons of great books that are easy to find. Check out biographies of other intuitive's/mediums and see how they got their start. Teresa Caputo, James Van Praagh, John Edward and Lorna Byrne are some great places to start. A great book if you are interested in energy healing is "Hand of Light" by Barbra Ann Brennan. If you are interested in channeling "Open To Channel" by Sanaya Roman is an amazing book and pretty much the only one out there on the subject.

Get a deck of Angel Cards.

Angel cards are like the nice, friendly version of tarot cards! There are many different decks, some are just oracle cards and others are set up like the tarot. Doreen Virtue has a a lot of decks that are great. My personal favourite is the Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen. They come with an instruction booklet that has all the card meanings in them. Playing around with angel cards and even meditating on a card is a good way to start to open up and learn. It is a nice, easy intro to the spirit world!

Opening up to spirit in whichever way you choose takes time and it is a journey. An intuitive is always learning and growing for there is never really an end. The more of an open mind you have the more you will get but it is also important to find teachers and other people who you trust. I think it is good to have some boundaries and to question things within reason as there are some teacher and other intuitive's that do not have others best interest in mind. I would never suggest for a person to blindly follow anyone or anything. Follow what resonates with you!


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