What Is Vocal Channeling/Trance Mediumship?

What Is Vocal Channeling/Trance Mediumship?

Vocal Channeling is connecting to higher beings, stepping aside, and allowing them to come though and use your aura or energy field to speak. The higher being is using you and your energy as a way to communicate directly. So for the client or the sitter, it will be like being in a direct conversation with a higher being. It is a blending of minds. You are raising your vibration and spirit is lowering theirs and you are meeting in the middle. 

With mental or traditional mediumship or typical guidance or psychic readings, spirit is next to us and we become the translator for that being. For example, with mediumship, you will typically hear the medium say things such as I feel this or I see that. They are the middle man for the spirit world. 

But with channeling you are basically cutting out the middle man, so everything becomes in first person. As the channel, you will typically not use your four clairs. Clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance are the typical ways a medium or psychic will receive information. With channeling you are bypassing those so it becomes direct and cohesive. 

There is no possession with channeling and you are always in control of it. SO there is nothing to be afraid of and it should always feel good. When I channel, if I am feeling sick or cranky and I do a reading I feel a hundred times better after. Being in those higher vibrations is very healing for you and for the sitter.

Channeled information should be brought through in the most positive way possible and is usually based in healing, guidance or direction. Each channeller will connect and channel in their own way and who they channel usually lines up with their own values and how they want to help others. So for example, if you want to help others through healing, you may bring through a guide that is good at energy healing and may even do energy healing while in the channelled state.

Some famous channellers are Abraham Hicks, Jane Roberts, Bashar, and Edgar Casey. If you check out some of their work, you will have a good idea of channeling and the different ways it can come through!

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