Channeled Messages: On Embracing The Journey

Channeled Messages: On Embracing The Journey

-Beginning of channeled message-

Understand that you are on a journey.

Understand that there is no real end.

Understand that you are an ever evolving being, never the same from day to day, moment to moment.

Understand that the more you learn, the more you progress.

The more you perfect, the slower you will go.

Understand that all things can be learned and built upon.

Skills, mindsets, circumstances, relationships can all be changed, expanded and built upon.

Understand that many times humans think that once they reach their goal there will be a sense of peace or happiness.

Understand that since you are on a journey with no end, you will never reach that goal so to speak.

Understand that the more you can be okay with where you are now and realize that it is about progress, the more fulfilled you will feel.

Understand that it is good and important to set goals for yourself and have a clear vision of what you want in life.

But know that it is an ever evolving process and those goals and vision will change.

Many times humans believe that they are not good enough to live out their dreams in some way.

If you live in a universe that is a never ending journey, you can then never be good enough anyway, only improve, learn and grow.

To say that one is not good enough to have something, be something or do something, one is focusing on the wrong thing.

Understand that it is about learning and practising and evolving and stretching what one thinks is possible.

By saying that you have to be good enough or that you are not good enough, you are implying that there is an end and there is no end.

Understand that to push yourself to become a little bit better in whatever it is along side the idea that you are right where you are supposed to be, changes the energy.

Wether it be improving your skills, your talents, your mindset, your parenting, your cooking, your spiritual gifts, your voice, or your health, embracing that it is a journey, one step at a time, will change the energy that you give off.

Understand that you can always improve, always learn, always get better, not matter what your age is, where you live, what your circumstances may be.

There is always a way.

We would suggest to try to let go of the idea of an outcome and have the mindset that you are exactly where you are supposed to be and embracing the current moment. Work on the idea of growth and expansion and getting a little bit better every day.

Avoiding looking at where you are now, does not change the fact that you are where you are.

Embracing it releases the resistance to it.

Have a vision for your life, but don’t let that vision control you.

The journey to what you want makes you who you are, it allows you to be ready for that dream to become a reality, it is all that there is.

And when that journey comes to a close, you are then faced with a new beginning.

We thank you for your time and wish you much luck on your journey.

-End of channeled message-

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Elora channels a group called “HU” who are higher dimensional beings and she has channeled them from many years. The channeled messages are from their perspective.


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