Channeled Messages: On Knowing Yourself


Channeled Messages: On Knowing Yourself -Beginning of channeled message-

Understand that true strength comes from knowing who you are fully and completely.

Understand that knowing who you are takes time and can be difficult.

Understand that in doing so, you create a foundation that becomes unshakeable.

If you are unsure of who you are, what you want in life, where you want to be etc. it becomes easy to get distracted, find those who will throw you off, feeling like you are at the mercy of the universe, feeling out of control etc.

A good way to discover more about who you are is to do something new or something that you think is difficult.

When you challenge yourself, you put yourself out of your comfort zone and into a state of unknown.

In that unknown state, is when you free yourself up to see things more clearly about yourself.

Look at something that you have always wanted to try. It could be sky diving, it could be taking a class, it could be joining a gym, it could be going on a dating website, it could be messaging someone you admire etc.

When you complete it, even if you feel it was not that successful, look at what skills you have learned, look at how you feel, look at how you can now move forwards.

Another way to discover more of who you are is to list your positive and negative attributes or tendencies.

Perhaps you are shy, fearful of taking action, but you are good at making people laugh and are good at listening.

As you go about your day, notice when you are experiences either the positive or negative attribute.

Notice if it is serving you or not.

Notice in what situations do they come up.

Make a note of it and keep track and notice the patterns that form.

When you are aware of yourself and your tendencies, you can then start to change what you do not like and expand on what you do like.

Knowledge of the self is true power.

We thank you for your time and wish you much luck on your journey.

-End of channeled message-


Elora channels a group called “HU” who are higher dimensional beings and she has channeled them from many years. The channeled messages are from their perspective.


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