Channeled Messages: On Weight Loss, Healing and Change


Channeled Messages: On Weight Loss, Healing and Change -Beginning of channeled message-

Understand if one is holding onto something from ones past and does not address it, it can manifest itself in the body as weight.

The held emotions are literally weighing you down.

If one feels unsafe or feels the need to protect themselves subconsciously, one will build a wall or protection around them and this can be physically.

Understand that the body will store emotions if they are not being let go.

Understand that whether it be from your childhood or present day, if there is something that needs to be addressed, your body will let you know.

Understand that addressing the issues, bringing them up to the surface and letting them go will help one lose weight.

Understand that if one removes themselves from a negative situaiton where they feel unsafe in some way, they will be able to lose weight much faster.

Understand that the body will always let you know what is going on in the non-physical part of you.

Understand that each human being is different and each human body is different.

What you put into your body either physically or non-physically, your body will respond in some way.

We feel that it is important to pay attention to what you subject yourself to.

Pay attention to the foods you eat, to the people you spend time with, to the environments you are in etc.

Understand that once you get to the root of the problem, that is when real healing begins.

Understand that your body is your vehicle to experience this plane of existence.

Do you not wish to treat it with love and respect?

A human body does not have to be sick, tired or in distress.

One does not have to experience any of those things.

We would suggest to look at all areas of your life.

Look at what is working, what makes you feel good, what lifts you up, what feels expansive.

Then look at what is not working, what feels forced, what is exhausting, what feels restrictive.

Look at the differences between the two.

Then look at what you can do to change what is not working.

For example, my job is something I do not love, I feel tired and depressed going into work each day. To feel better, I could start to look for a new job, I could change departments to get away from the co-worker who I dislike, I could start my own business, I could use this as an opportunity to work on feeling better no matter what and use gratitude to help me etc.

Then take action on it.

The more in alignment with who you really are, the less you will be ill.

The more you put up with the negative and things that do not serve you, the higher of a chance of becoming ill you will have.

Do you not want to enjoy the life you have?

Do you not want to wake up feeling wonderful each day?

People seem to think this is out of reach.

Many people do not want to do the work required.

That is their choice.

To lose weight, to feel better, start with the non-physical.

You will never get away from taking steps in the physical, diet and exercise are important for everyone.

But it is getting to the root cause that will create lasting results.

No one can change your life but you.

And that is the most wonderful thing about your world.

We thank you for your time and wish you much luck on your journey.

-End of channeled message-