Health and the Intuitive


When you open up to spirit, whether it is through mediumship, channeling, energy healing or other types of intuitive work, you may notice certain things you used to be able to tolerate, you can't anymore. As you open up more, the more sensitive to certain things you might get. Alcohol, caffeine, sugar and processed foods are common ones that you may stop being able to tolerate. Other things such as loud noises and crowds may be difficult to experience as well. For me, I can no longer drink and can tolerate about one cup of coffee a day. The sugar and processed foods have not be a problem yet, which is a positive... and a negative... I just love it so much! Some intuitive's like to have complete diet changes, many choose to go vegan or vegetarian. Drinking lots of water and staying hydrated is a good idea too. If you are just beginning to open up to spirit, you shouldn't notice too much of a difference. It is not really until you are doing it on a regular basis or are doing vocal channeling/ trance mediumship where there is a closer connection to spirit.

As an intuitive or someone wanting to develop, taking care of your health and your body is important. The stronger of a life force that you have, the easier it is to connect. Exercise of any kind is good because it helps to raise your vibration.

I know it looks like not much physical work when an intuitive is just sitting there connecting, but it takes a lot of energy. So the healthier you are, the more stamina you will have.

I try to exercise regularly, I don't really like the gym so I will either work out at home or go rock climbing. I do best when I have protein and raw vegetables and when I am hydrated. What works for me diet wise, might not work for you. It is important to listen your body and what it needs and to experiment to see what works for you!




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