Science Time: Mediums Tested Under Lab Conditions


Understanding some of the science behind intuitive work is important in creating trust and validity of this type of work and if anything else, it is fascinating! This is an interview with Dr. Julie Beische by the podcast Skeptiko. Dr. Beische is the preeminent researcher of mediumship and the founder of the Windbridge Institute which studies "assisted after-death communication". Her experiments have become the gold standard in this type of research and her findings are shedding new light on the phenomena.

Her interview talks about her experiments and why the findings are important.

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Alex Tsakiris: You’re researching psychic mediums? Is this some kind of joke? Research and science doesn’t go with the term medium communication does it?

Dr. Beischel: Science is just a tool. It’s just one way we learn how the universe works so it can be applied to anything. And there were a lot of people with strong opinions about what the capacity of mediums is. Can they report accurate and specific information? So I took the scientific method and I applied it to mediumship. Again, it’s just a tool you can apply to anything and so yes, it does go together because it’s something we don’t fully understand yet. So yes, [mediumship] is the perfect thing for science to tackle because we don’t understand it.


Dr. Beischel: What we’ve found in all three of those ways that we look at scoring, we’ve achieved statistically significant positive results in a study done in 2007, and a replication study that we just published earlier in 2015. So the original study was 16 readings and this most recent study is 58. So that’s a total of 74 readings in which under these more than double-blind conditions mediums could report accurate and specific information about the deceased when no sensory information could be plausible for where they got their information…


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