Definitions Of Mediumship, Angel Guidance, Channeling and Energy Healing


Definitions Of Mediumship, Angel Guidance, Channeling and Energy Healing Here are some brief definitions of different ways people use their psychic ability to give readings.


Mediumship: Connecting to loved ones that have crossed over. The medium will connect to those who have crossed over and either hear, see, feel or know information. They will relay the information to the client. The medium should establish who they are connected with (male, female, mother, father, grandparent, friend etc.), provide validation of who they are connected to, (they liked hockey, they worked as a doctor, they passed suddenly etc.) and then it should be followed by a message from your loved one.

Angel Guidance: Connecting to guides and angels to get information about what is going on in your life now and/or any questions you may have. They will work in a similar way to the mediumship but it will be about you. Things such as relationships, work, and health would be things that are typically covered.

Channeling: This is where the channeller will connect with beings at a higher vibration, step aside and allow the guides to use them to speak. It is like being in a direct conversation with a higher being. Some channellers will allow for questions from the client, some will not. These readings tend to be about guidance, similar to the angel readings. Some well known channellers are Abraham Hicks and Bashar. It can also be called vocal channeling or trance mediumship.

Energy Healing: Connecting to higher vibrations, angels, guides, etc, and bringing through their energy and allowing it to come out of the palms of the hands to work within the clients energy field. It is good to help with any health issues physically, mentally and emotionally. It is also good to help open up psychic centres and balance chakras. Some guidance or information may come through to the healer or the client as it is being done. Reiki is a good example of energy healing.


With all of them, all information should be positive, make sense and feel good. Each medium will work in their own way but it should follow a similar format.



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