3 Tips To Help You Focus When You Meditate


Meditating can be hard... There are too many thoughts going around in your mind, it can be hard to relax and then you are worried that your doing this whole thing wrong.

Well, here are some tips to help you stay focused while you are meditating!


1.Candle mediations are great for creating focus and going into deeper states of mediation. All you need is to place a candle in front of you at a comfortable distance, light it and gaze at the flame. Allow any thoughts to come and go and if you feel that you have drifted off, bring your focus back to the flame. You can start with five minutes and work your way up!

2. Focus on a word. Either in your mind or you can write it down and gaze at it, focus on one word as you meditate. Say that word over and over in your mind, feel that word in your body. Some good words to use are love, gratitude, perfect health, and relaxation. Again, similar as above, if you feel  yourself drifting off, just bring yourself back to the word.

3. Allow for insights to come. It is okay to have thoughts when you are meditating, the problem comes when those thoughts take over. For the first few minutes try and have a blank slate and focus as much as you can then start to allow for any insights or guidance to show up. The key here is to not force the thoughts and guidance that shows up, but to just observe. Allowing this to happen will allow for more focused thoughts and inspiration, instead of your mind racing. It will also help you tell the difference between your own mind and guidance.



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