3 Ways To Help You Tell If It Is Your Ego Or Spirit


Trying to tell if it is just you or spirit can be challenging no matter what level you are at. Here are 3 ways to help you tell the difference!  

  1. Get a piece of paper and a pen and write down a question such as what is love or what is the meaning of life. Write your answer down first. Then go into a meditative state and ask the same question. Write down that answer. When you compare the two you should be able to see a difference in wording, in understanding and in tone. This will help you see the difference between your thoughts and spirits.


2. It should always be positive and make sense. Anything scary or dark is either your ego or a negative being. Spirit will always say things in a positive way even if it's a negative subject matter. Passed loved ones might say some negative things but it is your job as a medium to relay the message in a positive way, but that shouldn't happen too often. Anything light and fluffy that doesn't really have much substance or make much sense, is probably your ego. There should always be an intelligence greater than you (or the medium) behind what you are connecting with. The information should make sense with what is going on in your life or any questions you asked.


3. There should be some change in atmosphere. You might feel cold, hot, light, heavy, tingly etc. Sometimes this is very subtle but when you can start to pay attention to it, it can help you discern between if you are making stuff up or if it is spirit.


The more you practise the more you can start to be aware of the differences!



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