Channeled Messages: On Working With The Universe To Achieve Goals


Channeled Messages: On Working With The Universe To Achieve Goals *For your own private channeled message, go to! No question too big or too small!


-Beginning of channeled message-

When one sets a goal for oneself, you are setting an intention.

You say this is what I want, even though you may not know how to achieve it just yet.

By first setting the goal, you are putting that energy up into the universe.

The universe looks at that goal and says, ok, that is what they are wanting.

The universe will then start to get things in motion for it to come true.

If one puts enough energy behind the goal, visualizes it coming true, taking action, feeling good about etc.

The universe can use that energy to assist into reality.

If one stops working on the goal, gives up, feels bad about it, everything slows down.

You are working in conjunction with the universe at all times.

The universe reads your energy, it feels what is going on within you, and whatever that may be, the universe responds.

The universe will always look for the best possible way, for the highest good for everyone involved, for that goal to show up for you.

You have no idea what that would be, so do not worry about how it will come about.

Wondering how, slows the process down.

The universe sees that you are trying to take control over a situation that is not your job.

So it lets you.

Because your new intention is how, instead of the actual outcome you are wanting.

But you cannot figure that out.

That is not your job,

But the universe always agrees with your energy and your desires.

Your energy must line up with what you want, you must take consistent action, you must consistently feel good about your desires.

For the universe knows that then, you are doing your job, and it frees the energy up to let the universe do its job.

There is a give and take.

There is a working together.

And when each party does its part, that is when magic happens.

The universe always does its part.

This is why you must be careful in what you want and how you word what you want.

The universe tends to take things quite literally.

It is you that gets off track and stops doing your job.

And the universe agrees with that as well.

The universe is always on your side.

You just have to be on your side as well.

You are your greatest asset and greatest challenge.

Don't ask why universe is this not happening for me.

Ask that question to yourself.

You will notice a shift in energy.

It becomes empowering.

You become motivated to do your job.

When you think of it like team work, with each side having its own job to do, you create that creative relationship that makes magic happen.

Be open with your goals, say this or something better.

For the universe always knows what is best for you but the end result in what you are wanting will be the same.

We thank you for your time and wish you much luck on your journey.

-End of channeled message-


Elora channels a group called “HU” who are higher dimensional beings and she has channeled them from many years. The channeled messages are from their perspective.


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