10 Tips To Start Your Own Intuitive Business


So you have done all the mediumship, angel guidance, akashic records, channeling, reiki, tarot cards, palm reading, tea leaf reading, mediation and every form of energy healing class, now what?! Starting to do readings on your own, for strangers, for like, real, can be terrifying! Getting started can be one of the hardest parts, but once you get it going, it get's easier and easier. Here are 10 tips to help you start!

  1. Do free readings for family and friends. Offering up your intuitive abilities for free is a great way to practise and get comfortable doing readings without too much pressure.
  2. Set up a website. People need to find you! There are tons of good website building sites to use such as wix.com. Use social media to your advantage as well.
  3. Set up a place to do readings. Find a room in your home or rent an office space that you can use to do your readings. The more comfortable you make it, the more comfortable you and your client will feel.
  4. Run a contest. Need to find some more clients? Run a contest either through a store or online such as your facebook or instagram page. Get people to like and share your post to win a free reading with you.
  5. Get all the testimonials you can. Testimonials are so important in getting clients to follow through and book with you. The more you have the better. When you do the free readings, ask for a testimonial in exchange.
  6. Stay focused. Don't offer too many things. Look at what you really love to do and how you want to help others. Is it mediumship and energy healing? Angel guidance and akashic records readings? Stick to no more than three things that you offer, otherwise it gets confusing for the client.
  7. Don't make up fancy names for what you offer. Mediumship is mediumship. Reiki is reiki. Angel guidance is angel guidance. Don't over complicate it.
  8. Connect with stores that sell crystals, psychic tools, incense etc. Many of those kinds of stores have in house practitioners or rooms to do readings. At the very least you should be able to leave some business cards.
  9. Focus on service. When you get nervous focus on the other person. It is not about you, it is about bringing through spirit to help heal.
  10. Set up a before reading ritual. Before your client shows up, give yourself sometime beforehand to meditate and relax. I like to smudge the room, set my intentions for the reading, say a little prayer and meditate.

Remember, this is a business! Treat it as such! Doing readings for people can be a lot of fun and very fulfilling. Keep practising and the end of the day if you are good, easy to work with and make people feel like they have experienced something truly amazing, you will have clients coming back and telling all their friends.

Watching my mother, Tammy Taylor, run her mediumship business was a good lesson for me. Clients came in nervous or upset and by the time they left they were laughing and smiling and sending all their friends and family to go see her. Connecting to your client and really understanding why they are sitting across from you can make a huge difference in what they get out of the reading. Sometimes why they are there are not always what they think or what you may think. My mother was always very good at that and I think that is when real healing can happen.

If you want to start your own business, get in there and do it! The only way to start is to just start.


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