10 Tips To Help You Connect To Passed Loved Ones


Spirit is usually always ready and available to communicate with you. Even if you are not a medium, here are some tips to help you connect to your passed loved ones!  

  1. Meditate. When you quite your mind that is when you can be aware of the subtle energies around you.
  2. Ask! Ask for signs or communication from your passed loved ones. The more you ask the more you get.
  3. Allow. Don't force it because that will just create resistance and block your connection.
  4. Set your intention. When you meditate, focus on the person you wish to connect to in your minds eye.
  5. Trust in what information you are given. It is easy to doubt signs and communications from spirit. Trust in the first things you get and don't over think it.
  6. Be in a good place. When you are sad about the loss or in a bad mood, it is hard to connect. Spirit is at a higher vibration than where we are, so raising your vibration to match theirs will allow for a better connection.
  7. Know how spirit will communicate. You will either hear, feel, see or know it. You may get a bit of all or one or two. It may change from time to time and from spirit to spirit. The more you practise all of the hearing, feeling, seeing and knowing, the better you will be able to receive information.
  8. Practise. The more you do it, the better you will be at it. Take a class, read up on it, keep learning!
  9. Let go of any fears. Fear will block spirit connection. Examine what fears you have and either challenge them or let them go. It is normal for people to have fears connected to this work.
  10. Do it the way that you do it. How you connect to spirit might not be how others connect. Don't compare yourself to what others are doing. Focus on and experiment with what works for you.


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