Science Time: Study Finds the Unexpected in the Brains of Mediums


It's science time! There has been tons of science experiments with mediumship and psychic work over the years. Many of the great mediums back in the day and even today have gone through scientific testing.

I found this article, which is linked below, about an experiment that was done with mediums in Brazil. They had ten mediums that all had some level of experience with automatic writing and that were in good mental health, be injected with a radioactive tracer to see their brain activity during normal writing compared to when they were in trance.

Essentially what they found was that they showed lower levels of activity in their frontal lobe when they were in the trance state doing the automatic writing compared to their normal state. The frontal parts of the brain are connected to reasoning, planning, generating language, movement, and problem solving. So the mediums were experiencing reduced focus and fuzzy consciousness. What is interesting is that when the writing samples were analyzed the complexity scores for the automatic writing was higher than the normal writing. This would normally require more activity in the frontal lobes but the opposite was true.

So in the trance state during automatic writing the reasoning and logic part of the brain are lowered but there was more complex writing when it should have been the opposite situaiton.

I find this really interesting as someone who channels and does automatic writing. There is a change in brain activity and it is counter intuitive to what is standard.

See? The less you have going on in your mind the more spirit can communicate! (being blonde helps with that too... )

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