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-Beginning of channeled message-

The world around you does not require you to work hard.

This statement may seem counter to what you know.

The energetic world around you does not require you to work hard.

This statement changes the perspective.

The vibrations, the energy, the universal intelligence, whatever you choose to call it, only responds to a small amount of hard work.

By hard work we are referring to physical labour of any kind.

One can work and work and work and never really get anywhere.

Go back to the statement of the energetic world around you does not require hard work.

As you are energy and vibration as is the world you exist in, the harder you work without all the other components, you start to exist in a loop.

The other components are your vibration and energy and planning.

It is about deliberately directing your energy into what it is you prefer.

Working hard does not equate results.

Working in conjunction with the energy and the universal intelligence, creates results.

You must know where you are going, you must know what you are wanting, you must know who you want to become.

Then you must match your energy to it.

Then you must take action.

Working hard is just a construct of the society you live in.

It is admired.

It is honourable.

But it is only a small part of the puzzle.

Hard work, without the rest, simply is a waste of energy and resources.

One can work hard at a job they do not really enjoy, but where will that lead them?

Hard work with out the rest, says to to universe, resistance, force, stress, stagnation.

The hardest work you should ever have to do is on yourself.

When you do that, everything else follows.

Taking action, does not mean working hard.

When one takes inspired action, it is coming from a place of ease and flow and that creates results.

Inspired action comes from that inner work.

Be it through visualization, gratitude, vision boards etc.

There are hundreds of tools to use that are all the same basic concept.

It is all about feeling good about what you are wanting, in the most general sense.

The energy that exists on your planet is in a constant state of change.

Not one thing on your planet is permanent.

The energy of hard work by itself, creates a force counter to the energy of the Earth.

The physical Earth does not work hard, it just does.

It goes with the flow, there are no upsets.

From an avalanche, to a tornado, to a slight breeze, the results of which the Earth adapts without question.

There is very little physical force against change.

When there is force against it, that is when trouble hits.

Usually that force is human made.

It is that idea that when you follow the same principals, of going with the flow, adapting no matter what happens, and not forcing or working hard, you start to create a very different life for yourself.

We are not saying do not work hard, but work hard on the inner self, take inspired action and work smart.

Every day look at what you are putting energy into.

Are you putting energy into things that matter, that make you light up, that make a difference to those around you?

Or are you putting energy into things that are meaningless, that bore you, that you feel you have to do or are self serving?

Pay attention to this, for you will start to see some patterns.

The energy you put into being upset about the person who cut you off in traffic to the energy you put in to your part time job.

True hard work does not work alone.

The Earth, the universe and you do not work alone.

So why force something simply because you think you are supposed to.

We thank you for your time and wish you much luck on your journey.

-End of channeled message-


Elora channels a group called “HU” who are higher dimensional beings and she has channeled them from many years. The channeled messages are from their perspective.


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