Angel Communication Boards Now Available!

My mother had the idea of creating a protected spirit communication board (because ouija boards are scary!) after her passing, I decided to keep following through on that idea. She created a prototype that worked really well, so I followed that and added my own design elements to it. I am excited to announce that they are now available on my website! Angel Communication Board - Natural Birch

Angel Communication Boards are a safe and fun way to connect to the other side!

The problem with the traditional communication boards or ouija board is that they are unprotected and anything and everything can come through (and hang out for awhile). Protection is very important anytime you are opening yourself up to connect to the other side. We live in a world of duality so there is always going to be positive and negative and that goes for the other side as well. This board is designed with built in protection, and along with the prayer provided in the instructions, will keep you safe from those pesky negative beings!

  • Safe and easy to use for all ages.

  • Great tool to practise your own psychic gifts and abilities.

  • Downloadable Instructions.

  • Each board is made to order.


The crystals in the planchette are:

Amethyst: To help calm the mind, open your psychic centres and to strengthen intuition.

Black Turmaline: For protection.

Rose Quartz: For healing and attracting positivity and love.


You can use the board to connect to your spirit guides, angels and/or loved ones who have crossed over.

My mother was adamant about spiritual protection, (we have stock piles of sage and holy water, the good stuff from the River Jordan...) and with all her many years of experience,  I one hundred precent trust the board and the work she put into it. I followed her template and added a few design elements of my own. I know she helped me in the creation process and I hope this board helps you with whatever you are needing!


*Instructions are provided

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