Channeled Messages: For This New Year


  Channeled Messages: For This New Year

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-Beginning of channeled message-

For this year, it is important to not be afraid of the changes you see and cannot see.

Things may seem different or slightly off for a bit but it is for the positive.

Go with the flow.

The world around you is not the same as it was.

Go with the flow.

Anxiety and emotions may be a bit all over the place for a bit, but it is for the positive.

All changes are done for the betterment of the Earth.

For this year, by the end of the year, things will start to become easier.

Things will calm down.

Events and situations are taking place to allow for new energies to come in.

Go with the flow.

The more you focus on the positives and disconnect from the negatives, the easier of a time you will have.

Do not let anger or negative emotions about what you see around you control your experience.

For they are out of your control anyways and are distractions.

It is important to remember who you are and to stay on track.

Focus on what you can control.

Go with the flow.

It is up to you which path you choose, the positive or the negative. The feeling good about what is going on or the anger about what is going on.

One path will change your world. The other pushes you backwards.

What is important is what is going on behind the scenes.

What is important is that you disconnect and get back to who you really are.

Do not be afraid of the changes, the ones you can see and the ones you have yet to notice.

It is bigger than you.

Go with the flow.

Everything is on track and this year will see the end of the old.


We thank you for your time and wish you much luck on your journey.

-End of channeled message-

Elora channels a group called “HU” who are higher dimensional beings and she has channeled them from many years. The channeled messages are from their perspective.


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