Channeled Messages: Setting Intentions


Channeled Messages: Setting Intentions -Beginning of channeled messages-

Understand that setting intentions of what you are wanting and what you prefer allows for momentum to start in that direction.

Understand that many people do not know what they want, they do not ask for it and this is part of why there seems to be a struggle.

Clarity is key.

Every time you set out to do something or set out to manifest something, set intentions for yourself.

You are letting the universe know what it is you are preferring and what you want out of it.

Asking is something people forget to do.

Asking makes a difference.

What are your intentions for the day?

Each day set up what your intentions are.

What do you want to accomplish?

How do you want to feel?

Where do you want to be?

How would you love for things to turn out?

It is okay if there are general at first and then you get specific.

It is okay to be specific with this.

You must combine it with action.

Intentions are stating to the universe and yourself why you are doing what you are doing or want what you want.

The more focused you are and more clear you are, the easier things become.

Set intentions for everything you do beforehand and notice the changes.

-End of channeled message-



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