On Trance States


When you are in a trance state that is when it is easy to connect with higher energies to get information. You will always use various states of trance when you are doing intuitive work of any kind. It is learning how to put yourself there deliberately so that you can connect right away or disconnect when you need to. You are in a trance state more often than not. When you are watching TV, driving, sleeping, doing something you love are all times when you are in a trance state without realizing it. Trance is just simply turning inwards, similarly to meditation. You could think of it as a meditative state if that is less scary sounding than trance!

A simple technique to put yourself into a trance state is 4x4 breathing. You breath in for four counts, hold for four, exhale for four and hold for four. Once or twice should be enough. Even as I write that, I am starting to go into a trance state! Oi vey!

For most intuitive work, it is a very light trance state. If you are doing vocal/trance channeling, it is a slightly deeper trance state. If you are doing physical mediumship, it is a deep trance state, where you are completely out.

To experiment where you need to be you can imagine a staircase or elevator while you are in that trance state or in meditation. Go up and down and see where you feel comfortable and where you notice you get information or not.

A simple exercise to do is automatic writing. Take a piece of paper and pen. You can either write down a question at the top of the page or just say it in your mind. Put yourself into a trance state and start to notice where you need to be. Once you find the right place, you will start to get information. Write down whatever you receive, if you are really connected it will feel like the pen is moving on its own. For this it is a light trance state. I like to imagine it as taking one step down on a flight of stairs.

It takes practice and experimentation to see where you need to be for what type of information you are wanting. Mediumship will be slightly higher than Earth energy. Spirit guides will be slightly higher than mediumship. Angels will be slightly higher than spirit guides. Archangels will be slightly higher than angels etc.

Once you have found the right spot for you, practise sitting in that energy and holding it for as long as you can.

To un-trance yourself as it will, you can say in your mind wide awake. You can ground yourself by imagining roots coming out of your feet or the colour red. I like to imagine myself going back down that flight of stairs and walking into my feet. It is important to ground yourself after otherwise you will be a space cadet and it can become overwhelming!


For more info on where you need to be: The Vibrational Landscape


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