Ways to Use Psychic Abilities Other Than Readings


There are so many things you can do with intuitive work that goes beyond doing readings for people. Intuitive work doesn't just have to be connecting to loved ones who have crossed over, doing guidance readings, energy healing or predictions. You can incorporate intuitive work in your day to day life. You can use it to improve areas of your life, get better results and help people in bigger and better ways! For example, if you were a realtor and you are helping people find a home. You could connect to their guides and angels and ask them which house is the best place for them to live, where is the best place for them or when is the best time to move.

If you were a stock broker or someone with stocks, you could use the angels or guides to help you know when is the best time to sell or buy and which ones. Back in the day the wealthiest business men used astrology to get business information!

If you are an artist you could use your channeling abilities to bring through spirit art or use mediumship to create portiats of peoples loved ones who have crossed over.

If you are a writer you could connect to the great writers of the past and ask them for help. You could channel stories of people who have crossed over.

If you are a doctor or nurse you could use energy healing to help patients, (although doing so responsibly!) You could connect to the patients guides or angels and ask them what is best for them or what is needed to help. You could check into their body and aura and see what the root cause of their illness may be.

Being a psychic, intuitive, lightworker, whatever you want to call it doesn't have to be in the traditional sense. Incorporating it into other areas of your life and using it to help others can create powerful and positive changes and experiences. Using meditation as a tool to get answers for yourself is very powerful. Not every psychic or medium wants to do readings or that is not part of their souls journey, but by incorporating it into your day to day life you are still embracing that part of you. Sometimes people feel safer in doing it this way.

Experiment with your own gifts and abilities as you go about your day or your current job. See what works and what doesn't. Start looking at your current job in a different way and see where that takes you. Life's much easier when you let them do all the work! ;)

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