Channeled Messages: Finding The Balance Point


Channeled Messages: Finding The Balance Point *For your own private channeled message, go to! No question too big or too small!

-Beginning of channeled message-

Understand that there is a balance to life and towards making it work for you.

There is the deciding what you want.

There is the allowing the universe to sort it out for you.

There is the taking action.

There is the allowing of opportunities, situations and circumstances from the universe.

There is the thought process and mindset that you have.

There is the universe deciding the how and the when.

There is the aligning yourself to what you want.

It is a balance of you and the universe.

Knowing what is your job and what is the universes job.

When you focus on your job you allow the universe to do its.

Many times people think they have to do it all by themselves.

That is why one struggles.

You never and can never do anything on your own.

For that is not how your world works.

It is finding that sweet spot, that balance, that starts things moving.

Everyones balance point will be slightly different.

It is finding out and discovering what works for you.

For you are all the same and yet you are all different.

Each individuals energy is slightly differnt.

Therefore each of your experiences is different.

So do not compare yourself to others or what works for them.

You may learn and try out their techniques but ultimately it will conform to you.

Experiment with finding that balance point.

When you do find it, see how long you can sustain it for.

Remember how it feels for you can always get back there.

It is not about trying more, it is about trying less.

Decide what you want, do not put limits on it, get yourself in alignment with it, take inspired action and allow.

That is your job.

It is simple. It is easy. Keep it that way.

Do not bombard yourself with techniques and ideas.

The universes job is to sort out the circumstances and situations, figure out the how and the when, those that need to be involved for your highest good.

Your job is to have faith and trust that this is happening.

For it cannot happen because that is how your world works.

So there is really nothing to worry about.

Humans like to be in control and know whats going to happen next.

But reading the end of a story before you read the beginning ruins the ending and the excitment of what will happen next.

Do not skip to the end for there really is no end anyways.

You are constantly creating.




Whatever is happening in your experience will change.

For nothing is permanent.

And that is something to be excited about.

Find the balance, make it work for you, because that is all there really is.

-End of channeled message-



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