Recommended Reads: When You Need Some Inspiration


Sometimes we need some inspiration. I've listed some books in the areas of money, business, creativity and spirituality to help inspire and get you moving!  

When you need some financial inspiration:

You Are a Badass at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth - by Jen Sincero

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This is a great book for those wanting to change their financial situation. It has lots of funny anecdotes and is easy to read and to follow her advice. It helps you to overcome your blocks and great ideas to help you change your mindset about money. She also wrote the book "You Are A Badass" which is a must read!

When you need some business inspiration:


This is a great book for those looking for help with their own business. The author created the Female Entrepreneur Association website, which helps female business owners around the world. She gives easy to follow business ideas and adds in the spiritual and mindset side of things which makes this book a holistic approach to owning your own business. She gives you tools and action steps to take and a 28 day challenge at the end of the book. She takes a gentle and light hearted approach to real, useful information!

When you need creative inspiration:




This classic book is great to help get you out of that rut and open you up creatively. It is a 12 week program that is to be followed on a week to week basis. Each week there are tasks to follow and check ins to help you remove blocks and renew your artistic abilities!

When you need spiritual inspiration:



This is a great book for those on the spiritual path and wants to learn more about spiritual growth. This is a channeled book from the same channeler that did "Open To Channel". Which is a great book for those wanting to learn about channeling. This book gives you processes to help you make your life go more smoothly and to create positive changes. It also helps you understand what is going on during spiritual change. This book helps open you up and allows you think in new ways!


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