Channeled Messages: Why Some People Succeed and Others Don't


Channeled Messages: Why Some People Succeed and Others Don't *For your own private channeled message, go to! No question too big or too small!

-Beginning of channeled message-

If everyone has the potential to succeed, to live their best life, to be abundant in all areas, why do most people not fulfill that?

Understand that everyone is born with the same ability to manifest and create their lives.

Many times people are born into situations that they need to experience at that time, wether it be positive or negative.

Many times, people buy into what their circumstances are.

Understand that one persons version of success is different from the next.

Sometimes people need to experience lack and negativity on a soul level.

Sometimes people need to experience wealth and abundance on a soul level.

It is for how long that lasts is up to you.

You can be born with lack and create a life of abundance.

You can be born with abundance and create a life of lack.

It is up to you.

Abundance and wealth is humans natural state. It is who you really are.

But one forgets that as they go about their day.

One looks around them and thinks this is all there is.

When that is not the case.

Many times, people simply do not know, do not believe, do not really want and do not put the effort into creating abundance.

That is their choice.

If everyone succeeded to their highest potential, you would live in a very different world.

If everyone succeeded to their highest potential, everyone would be at a higher vibration.

Everyone has a role to play, everyone has something to give.

And it will be something different than what you offer.

Earth is a network of individuals working together for the greater good.

It is about giving and creating. It is about helping others and connecting in with who you truly are.

There is nothing wrong with wanting abundance and there is nothing wrong with wanting lack as long as it is serving you.

When we feel those feeling of anger, depression, upset, fear etc, we know that we are not in a place that is serving us.

Many people end up staying there because it is easy to do so.

It is easy to feel bad.

It can be hard to feel good.

We feel that many people are afraid to feel good.

For they feel that it is fleeting and something will come along and knock them sideways.

Society teaches one to feel guilty for wanting more and following ones dream.

Society says that only a few can be abundant.

But that is not true.

For that is coming from a place of lack and if the world you live in is one of abundance, lack does not really exist.

Everyone has the potential to succeed in their own way.

But not everyone believes that it is possible.

Therefore it is important that those who are doing what they love, who are in alignment with who they really are, who are at a higher vibration, continue to do so and show others what is really possible.

When you succeed, so does everyone else.

True success can never be selfish. For if you are successful, that means you are helping people in a big way.

Learn and follow how others have done it.

Be a leader and know that your highest potential is what the world needs.

Do not compare yourself or minimize yourself to others for they are not you.

Be the best you can be, work at it, practise it, have fun with it.

You live in a world of duality, of abundance or lack.

Most choose the lack because it is seemingly easier.

But what is truly easier?

-End of channeled message-


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