Channeled Messages: Give Your Life The Meaning That You Want


Channeled Messages: Give Your Life The Meaning That You Want *For your own private channeled message, go to! No question too big or too small!

-Beginning of channeled message-

Understand that what you physically see is only a small percentage of what is really there.

Understand that your physical senses are tuned to the frequency you are currently in.

Understand that by changing your frequency, you change what you are experiencing.

Understand that life is a game of energy.

What you see now and are currently experiencing is only but a moment.

Then that moment is no longer.

One can keep experiencing the same thing over and over again, by staying in the same frequency.

To make changes, you must change your frequency.

You can change it to something that serves you or does not serve you.

That is the power of freewill.

The universe will support you in whatever decision you make. Even if it seems negative.

Your emotions are your keys to tell you what you are experiencing.

You are always in control of this.

Too many times, people get themselves into ruts.

They let emotion control them.

Life is a combination of emotions and action.

When there is no real physical world, experience is all there is.

The meaning you give your life, is the meaning you will create.

There are no real set rules in regards to this.

Your meaning could be that is has no meaning at all.

Your meaning could be that everything has meaning.

Its up to you.

Its an experience of emotion and action. It's an experience of freewill and excitment.

Too many times people live the life they are actually afraid of.

They play safe and secure.

They think it is smart or reasonable.

What is smart or reasonable about hiding who you really are?

There is nothing smart or reasonable about fear, for fear is based on either the past or future and neither of those are happening now. Therefore you are afraid of nothing.

The world is a backwards and challenging place at times. What you are taught is not all there is.

Do not feel that you have to go along with it.

For nothing ever worth while is.

Choose the meaning you give your life, align your emotions with it and inspired action will follow.

Be silly and unreasonable.

-End of channeled message-


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