Channeled Messages: A Bit On Mediumship


Channeled Messages: A Bit On Mediumship *For your own private channeled message, go to! No question too big or too small!


-Beginning of channeled message-

When one is connecting to a loved one who's passed, they are simply the translator for that spirit.

It is the mediums job to interpret the messages in the best way that they can.

This is where miscommunication can come into play.

If this is happening for you as a medium, we would suggest using symbols.

Creating your own symbols will help you and spirit have clearer and more accurate communication.

Find simple and easily understood pictures that relate to common things you would get in a reading.

You can create this yourself.

This works because most of the time spirit will go though your own files and communicate with things you will know.

Mediumship is a two way street. The spirit is channeling just as much as you the medium are.

Remember your  loved ones are not really that far away.

It is just a small shift that is the shift between the physical and the non-physical.

The closer you ask them to come and the more open you are to receiving the messages, the easier it will be.

If doing a reading for someone, the more open the client is to receiving a message does come into play.

Trust that whatever information you receive is what needs to be delivered.

Sometimes it may not make sense to you. It is not supposed to. Do not worry.

As a medium your job is to be a translator and messenger for those who have moved into a different dimension.

As a medium your job is to be a healer and help those who are in need.

The loss of a human life or seemingly loss to those still in the physical, has a profuound impact on the soul.

It is your job as a medium to help heal that.

No soul, no human is ever gone. It cannot be. They have just shifted.

The coming into this world is not an easy process but the going out is.

You are going back to where you came from. You are going home.

There is nothing scary about that.

As a medium, it is your job to show that death is not to be feared for it is not really going into anything unknown. You have been there many times before, you have just forgotten.

As a medium it is your job to help ease the pain. The best medium in the world is the one that knows how to do this. They know it is not about them or the information they receive.

It is about how much healing and value can they provide.

When you focus on that, you enter a state of allowance.

Experiment with symbols see how that works for you.

Remember that your loved ones are never far away and sometimes they can help you more on the other side than they could in the physical.

-End of channeled message-


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