Channeled Messages: On Energy and Humans


  Channeled Messages: On Energy and Humans

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-Beginning of channeled message-

Remember that the energy of what you would call love is one that grows and creates.

The energy of what you would call fear, shrinks and minimizes.

As you live in a world of energy, the more you work with it and not against it, the easier things become.

The physical world is not really physical in the sense that is is immobile, solid, or static.

The physical world is always changing, growing, expanding and malleable.

To say that what you see is all there is, does not make sense.

For you only see a small fraction of the possibility of reality.

That is fine.

For if you were aware of everything, you would become overwhelmed and non-functioning in the way that you need to to experience this plane of existence.

You are human. There is so much power in being human that one can only skim its surface in one lifetime.

This is part of why you live many lives.

The human body is designed to function with energy, read energy, work with energy and understand it.

Otherwise it would not exist or could not exist.

Therefore, you already know what you are doing.

You just have to conitnually tune into it.

You never have to be stuck in situaitons you are unhappy in.

Sometimes it is safer to be unhappy than it is to be happy.

When one looks at the world from an energetic perspective, it becomes a different world.

The possibilities of the human experience are endless.

You are endless.

Your power is endless.

A simple exercise is to look at any object in the room you are in and simply gaze at it for a few minutes. As you do so, start to look deeper into the object. Look at the space right around the object. What does it look like? How does this object feel to you?

As you get better with objects, move to people with the same idea.

This will help you to practise tuning into energy and even begin to see it.

Yes, what you perceive is solid. You feel pain when your body is hurt. You can sit on a chair without falling though it etc. For that is part of the human experience.

The key is in understanding both sides of the coin. The physical and the non-physical and how they work together.

The human experience is one that is for the advanced and yet it is very simple at its core.

It is something to be honoured to be human, it is not a curse.

-End of channeled message-


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