Channeled Messages: Healing or Magic


Channeled Messages: Healing or Magic *For your own private channeled message, go to! No question too big or too small!


-Beginning of channeled message-

There are essentially two paths for spiritual or intuitive work. There is the path of healing and the path of magic or creation.

Both are valid paths.

It is dependant on your intention as to what path you will discover.

They both work together for you cannot have one without the other.

Creation leads to healing, healing leads to creation.

Magic, creation, or spell work are about using the physical to create and/or brining the non-physical into the physical.

Mediumship, psychic readings, angel work, and channeling are about healing emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally.

The healing and magic becomes combined through physical mediumship.

What is your intention with this work?

Is it to heal? To entertain? To create? To manifest? To show proof of more than this reality? To inspire? To change lives? To raise others vibrations?

You can never be lead down the wrong path if you are listening to your higher self and inner guidance system.

You can only be lead astray by putting your focus on those around you.

Both paths are valid and intertwine.

What aspects or modalities excite you the most?

And see where the magic can take you.

-End of channeled message-


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