How To Have Intuitive Discipline


Sometimes when we start to open up our intuitive gifts, we think we have to be open all the time or we just end up being open all the time. When this happens, it can become overwhelming, draining and can interfere with our daily lives. Discipline is your answer! When you're working you're working, when you are not you are not. Even though it is fun and it feels good to be in those higher energies, you still have to experience the Earth plane! Don't forget about the humans! It does take a bit of practise to learn to control how open or closed you are. Some tricks are to imagine a door on the top of your head closing and then imagine it opening when you want to connect. You can actually tell spirit to leave you alone. Don't worry, they won't get offended! They will still be there when you connect again. It's a freewill universe, so they can't bug you if you don't want to be bugged.

Another good way is to set up specific times during the day that you wish to connect/mediate. Set up an appointment with spirit! You could do every day at 8 am until 830am or every other day from 3pm to 4pm, whatever works for you. This helps create a practise and discipline and you can devote all your energy in that time period instead of having it spread out through out the day.

If they are really persistent and you can't seem to get rid of them, take a moment to connect, write down whatever messages you get and then go about your day. Sometimes just getting it out is all you need to do.

The more you talk with and set up ground rules with your spirit team, the easier it will be.



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