Channeled Messages: On Your Higher Self


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-Beginning of channeled message-

Why does staying in alignment with who you are and staying in those higher vibrational feelings work?

As everything is energy. Everything you want is energy.

When you are in those higher vibrational feelings, you are connected to your higher self.

Your higher self always knows what is best and how and when things should show up for your physical self.

Your higher self is those good feeling feelings.

Passion, excitment, joy and love etc.

For that is who you truly are.

You only experience the negatives on this plane of existence.

The negatives are there for a reason as you experience this plane.

You cannot ignore the negatives.

Pushing the negative aside and only addressing the positives does not work long term.

Those negative feelings will show up.

By simply addressing them and knowing what they are, that is how you let it go.

You then open the door to experience the positives more purely.

People claim that fear does not exist or is not real.

In the bigger sense, yes, that is the case.

But it is real to you.

It is real on this plane of existence.

So to deny that is to deny your experience.

But, how much you choose to have negative experiences in your life is up to you.

That fear takes you out of alignment and it becomes harder for your higher self to give you what is in your highest good.

Sometimes what you think is in your highest good is not really the case.

By doing what you love and choosing to stay in a good feeling place without limits and without focusing on the outcome, your higher self can start to give you what you want.

In the other dimensions there is only love.

In some of the other dimensions there are feelings that you would never experience on the Earth plane and therefor could not comprehend them.

In some of the other dimensions there are no feelings at all.

You get to choose how you feel at every moment of every day.

Choosing to experience the positives will lead to more positive experiences.

You always have a choice.

Sometimes experiencing the negative does serve us in some way.

But you do not have to if you do not want to.

You can choose the easy way or the hard way.

Neither one is right or wrong.

You are the centre of your universe.

Choose what you want to be surrounded by.

-End of channeled message-

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