How To Tell The Difference Between If It Is Me or Spirit?


This is an exercise to help you differentiate if it is you or spirit! Most people learning how to open their intuitive gifts struggle with the "is it me or am I really getting something?" This is normal. I mean, come on, your connecting with things the normal human eye cannot see! The whole thing is completely amazing :) The first step of this exercise is to write down a simple question. Questions such as: what is love? What is energy? What happens when you cross over? You want something philosophical or something you can describe.

Next, write down what you think the answer is. For example, love is what two people feel between each other. Love connects and brings people together. It is makes you feel all warm inside etc.

Now, put yourself into a meditative state. Ask the angels, your guides, your spirit team etc. the same question. It's a good idea to write it down as you are getting the information. You might forget if you do it after. This would be automatic writing. Keep in mind that you do not have to be in a very deep meditative or trance state for this.


-Beginning of channeled message-

Love is essentially the energy that creates. There is only love in the higher realms. You live in a world of duality, therefore, you have positive and negative. The more you focus on love and the positives of life, the more you will start to experience that. Love is what creates and it is who you really are. Two people can feel love for each other. In that moment, you are connecting in with who they really are on a soul level. Before you come into this world that is all there is. You choose to come here to experience the contrast and the duality. What you call love, is what we would call creation.

-End of channeled message-

See? Its a lot different. I'm not that smart or eloquent! You'll notice the words being different from how you would normally talk/write. You will notice an intelligence behind it. You will notice that it is something that you couldn't have come up with on your own.

This is a good way to experiment and learn to trust that you are actually getting something and connecting to higher beings.

The hardest part is trusting what you are getting. The rest is easy! ;)



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