Channeled Messages: On Desires


  Channeled Messages: On Desires

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-Beginning of channeled message-

Many desires one has tends to have a lot of fears attached to it.

You want something, then the realization that you do not already possess it comes in. You then turn and start to notice its lack in your experience. Then the fear comes in.

The fear of it not coming to you. The fear that someone else will get it. The fear that it is not meant to be. The fear that you are not good enough for it etc.

The bigger the desire, the more there is attached to it.

Many fears that one experiences are not based in reality. They are based in the past or the future. Therefore there is really nothing to be afraid of is there?

Attaching old belief systems to new desires is a sure way to not get it.

This is why you are told to let go of that which no longer serves you.

As the creator of your experience, you have a right to create the illusion that you cannot have something.

Many of you experience this often.

Many of you rarely experience this.

What is your biggest desire?

What are you afraid of regarding that subject?

Are those fears based in the past or future?

What action steps can you take now, at this very moment, to head in that direction?

Where do you notice resistance as you take those action steps?

Go back to your list of fears and see where that resistance lines up.

Challenge that fear and take the action step regardless.

Now, what do you love about your desire?

How does it make you feel?

How would it make you feel if your desire manifested?

Why did you desire this subject in the first place?

What are your motivators to keep on this path?

Remember that fear is an illusion to protect ones self from essentially what would be the unknown.

Love, excitment, passion, joy are the motivators and energetic frequency that get you to where you want to be.

Your desire had that love, excitement, passion and joy attached to it at first. Then you attached fear as you went in that direction. The fear began to outweigh the positive attachments. Then you became blocked and unable to move forwards. You looked at the lack and the not having more than how good it felt to head in that direction.

Your desire is a result.

All of your desires are results.

It is the journey to get to that desire that is the worth while experience.

The world you live in is not inherently solid or real. Only the experience is what is truly real. That is where the value is. The journey to get the perfect job is where you found out more about yourself and learned lessons in how to deal with others. The journey to find the perfect house is where you found out what you really preferred and learned how to negotiate better. The journey to have the perfect body is where you learned discipline, proper eating habits and connected with others who were in the same situation. The journey to the perfect relationship is where you found out what true love really feels like and what your standards are.

Everything you desire is a result of your expansion.

That is what you are here to do.

When one loses sight of what the real goal is, that is when you get taken off course.

You can never fail. You can never not get what you are wanting.

Just don't lose sight of the why.

-End of channeled message-


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