Channeled Message: Children and Spirit


Children and Spirit How to handle and encourage children who are open and connecting to the spirit world.

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-Beginning of channeled message-

Children tend to be more open and connected to spirit or other dimensions.

Many time fear can be involved in this.

Many times those around the child ignore or push aside what is being seen.

On an energetic level, children essentially have one foot in the physical and one foot in the non-physical.

As they get older and older the foot that is in the non-physical slowly comes into the physical.

As soon as they reach puberty, they are fully in their body on an energetic level.

Many new born children or very young children still have memories of what you call heaven and even past lives.

One encourages a child by listening to what they are saying and not dismissing.

One encourages a child by asking for more information about what they may be connecting to.

Questions such as:

What does it look like? Is it male or female? What is it wearing? What colour hair does it have? What facial expression does it have?

What do they tell you?

How does it make you feel?

When do you notice it?

Where do you notice it?

Do you speak to it?

One encourages a child by explaining that it is safe to connect with spirit or higher beings.

One encourages a child by asking them to draw or write about their experiences.

You will be surprised how many children have experiences.

If concerned about anything negative, remember to use protection and white sage.

If the child is under the age of eighteen, the adult is allowed to remove anything negative without the child's permission.

The more of a positive experience you make with this subject, the more the child will continue to be open and have a positive connotation with this type of work.

On a soul level, children know where they come from and why they entered the physical.

As they get older and with outside interference, they start to doubt or forget.

They become wrapped up in the physical world and tend to lose their connection.

Children have a unique view on life and a much more real view on life.

Allow them to talk and express themselves with whatever they may be seeing or hearing.

The majority of the time, it will be a positive thing.

If there is a concern that there is something negative, there will be other signs. Such as a change in personality, becoming withdrawn, having nightmares, becoming angry, drawing dark figures, and becoming overly attached to an object.

If it is a positive entity, there will be no fear and there will even be an improved mood.

Encourage the child in what they are experiencing and allow them to share it with yourself or others without criticism or judgement.

Children are smarter and have a better sense of self than one may think.

-End of channeled message-


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