Channeled Messages: A Bit On Relationships


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A Bit On Relationships

Valentines Day is coming up (yay! or boo...)! This is for if you are single or in a relationship, "Hu" does't discriminate... :p

I only celebrate it to get chocolate. I'll do anything for food! Well, almost anything...

-Beginning of channeled message-

Understand that the universe tends to work on a contractual level. Before you come into this world you choose who your parents will be, who your children will be, who you will marry etc. Understand that on a contractual level the right relationship must eventually show up in your life. A right relationship and the right relationship are two different things.

Sometimes one chooses to be with someone who will challenge them, someone who will explain certain things on a soul level, someone who will relive a past life situation with so that it can be healed. Sometimes people get thrown off course and end up with someone who is unhealthy to be with. It is still a right relationship for you at that moment.

On a contractual level, there are no real timelines of when things will happen. That part of it does and will change. This is part of the free will that you have.

Sometime people hold themselves back from having the relationship that they are truly wanting. Out of fear, blocks and/or negative believe systems.

Sometimes people have to go through a lot of traumatic events to get to the good relationship. That was something done on a soul level, so that you can grow and move on.

Sometimes people find that right, healthy relationship right away without many issues. This was decided on a soul level and that person did not need to experience negative relationships.

Sometimes people never get to the healthy relationship. This was decided on a soul level as well. Perhaps they will get there in another life time.

What are you afraid of about relationships?

What things from the past are you holding on to about relationships?

What do you believe to be true about relationships?

It is your job to allow relationships in.

It is the universes job to set it up.

The right circumstances and events will be given to you over and over again until you allow it in.

If you are currently in a relationship, is this relationship helping or hindering you?

Are you in a loving and supportive environment or a negative and toxic environment?

Are you in the relationship that you are completely deserving of or are you selling yourself short?

Relationships are meant to change and evolve.

Relationships are meant to teach you about who you really are and allow you to grow and expand.

Sometimes people take the hard road, others take the easy one.

You made the choice.

They are also meant to be fun.

Don't sell your self short on what you deserve on any subject.

-End of channeled message-


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