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-Beginning of channeled message-

Many people on your planet believe that they have to follow a certain order or idea. They believe that they have to stay in the job they do not like, they believe that they have to stay in a relationship that is not serving them, they believe that dreams and desires cannot come true or only can with hard work.

This is not the case.

You live in a society that is planned out with rules and regulations.

But what if those rules and regulations did not exist?

You sit in your box. Outside of your box is scary and unknown. It is safe in the box you have created for yourself.

But what if that box became bigger or ceased to exist?

Humans like to get stuck in routine. Humans like to get stuck in patterns.

They then feel that there is no way out.

But what if you looked outside of the box?

What if you took a risk and went into the unknown?

Would you gain or would you lose?

Would you create the life you want or create a life you do not want?

Would you have freedom or feel trapped?

Doing something simply because you think you are supposed to does not serve anyone.

Doing something because it excites you and you love to do it, serves everyone.

Your success is everyones success.

What would happen if you left the job or relationship you did not like?

You are never truly stuck or trapped.

That is an illusion you create for yourself.

Take a step back and re evaluate your experience.

Are you living for you or for someone else?

Whose dream or life are you experiencing?

Life is too short to experience something you do not want.

Your comfort zone is an illusion.

The unknown is your friend.

For if you know what you want, is the unknown really unknown?

Choose to create the life you want. Choose to create fun, freedom, love, passion, joy and excitement.

It all comes from you.

Your experience comes from you. Therefore it is completely your experience.

You are always in control of every moment. Even if it does not feel like it.

No one can violate your free will.

You live in a free will universe.

So why not be free?

-End of channeled message-


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