Channeled Messages: On The Environment


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-Beginning of channeled message-

Many people look at the Earth and notice all the things that are seemingly wrong with it. They notice the pollution, the wars, the oil spills, the deforestation, the hurt and destruction.

There are those who look that the Earth and notice all the things that are seemingly right with it. They notice they beauty, the technology, the humanity, the compassion and the love.

What each person focuses on is what each person starts to experience.

Those that choose to immerse themselves in the negative, continue to experience that.

Those that choose to immerse themselves in the positive, continue to experience that.

Neither is right or wrong.

It is simply a choice.

The Earth is always changing. It is growing, diminishing, creating, destroying.

That is how your planet works.

That is how you work.

You are always changing. You are growing, diminishing, creating, destroying.

You are the reflection of Earth and Earth is a reflection of you.

For each and every soul on your planet, they have their own version of Earth.

They can choose to see what they want in it.

They can choose to see what they experience in it.

You cannot destroy ones view of Earth.

You cannot destroy Earth.


Because for how many people populate your planet, that is how many Earths there are.

Earth is a vessel for the good and the  bad.

Earth is to be respected.

Earth is to be worked with.

How does one help the Earth?

It is simple. The more you stay in alignment with who you are. The more you follow your passion, joy, love and excitement. The more you create positive experiences for yourself. The more you look at the good and stop giving energy to the negative. The more you raise your own vibrations by feeling those good feeling thoughts. The more you connect with nature and spend time with it. The more you change your perception of where you really are. The more you have fun. That is how.

The Earth is not what many think it is. It is not just rock, water and air. It is alive, it is energy, it is in itself and entity all its own.

The Earth does not judge.

The Earth supports each any every person and their desires.

If you want to experience the beauty of your world, start by acknowledging it.

If you want to help your planet, help yourself.

Do not by into fear and hatred that is perpetuated on your planet, for it is a small few that wish to create that.

You have all the power and resources you need.

Enjoy your experience.

-End of channeled message-


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