Channeled Messages: Positives and Negatives of Abundance


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There is an idea on your planet that abundance or wealth in whatever form is seen as a negative. Perhaps when it is seen in other's hands and not in your own, there is an idea that it is to be taken personally. They are wealthy and I am not, therefore they have done something bad or evil to get it or therefore they are lazy and do not work as hard as I. Perhaps jealousy gets in the way. Perhaps one sees the abundance and part of them knows that they should be experiencing that as well but instead of rejoicing in it and knowing that if they can have that so can I, they do the opposite.

Yes, there are people who do perhaps negative things with money. People who are selfish and only want whats best for them. Understand that you will get people like this at every level. Wealthy, poor, in the middle, friends, family, husbands, wives, children etc. Understand that money has nothing to do with good or bad. Money will extenuate what is already there.

Simply because you are on the planet and exist, you have a right to experience whatever it is you want. Denying yourself the abundance that is so greatly desired is to deny yourself to be human. You live in world of material objects. You are a material. You are physical. The world around you is physical.

Yes, you are a spiritual being having a human experience as it is said. But part of coming to this place is to forget part of that. It is to experience Earth and all that it is. It is the idea of the physical and the non physical coming together. So therefore you will have to let go partly of the idea that you are a spiritual being.

You are always creating. You can't help but to create. Sometimes you are just creating the same thing over and over again. That is your right. Sometimes you create what are seen as negative experiences. That is your right. Sometimes you create wonderful, new and exciting experiences. That is your right.

To want abundance in whatever form and to be jealous of those that have it or to be afraid of those that have it is irrational. You are saying I want to be like so and so but I dislike so and so, so therefore, do you really want it?

Change the association.

It is your right to have abundance.

Understand that abundance can be in any form.

You can have an abundance of love, adventure, wealth, friends, family, joy, excitement, freedom, health. They will come in whatever form you need them to. For example I want an abundance of adventure. Perhaps a trip to somewhere new will show up for me. Perhaps I will get some equipment to do the task I am desiring.

Abundance creates opportunities. It creates excitment. It creates joy.

Perhaps you would like an abundance of solitude. An abundance of peace. An abundance of relaxation.

Abundance does not equal greed.

No one looses out when you are abundant. That is the difference. Greed is self serving. Abundance is higher purpose serving.

Think of all the wonderful things money can do. Think of the technology that has been created and implemented because someone had an abundance of finances and they came together with someone who had an abundance of ideas. Think of the lives saved due to technology in the medical industry. Think of how easy it is to talk to someone on the other side of the world. Think of the roof over your head, the running water, the heat in your home, the object you are reading this on. It all took an abundance of finances and an abundance of ideas.

You say money is evil or bad. But look at all the good it has done. You live in a world where money is involved. Trying to say otherwise is futile.

If you take away all the negative connotations to abundance or wealth, what do you have?

How would you use abundance?

How would your abundance help others?

Perhaps my abundance will help others see that it is okay to have it, perhaps I will create something with it and share it, perhaps I will use it to fight against those with negative intentions.

You do not have to stay indoctrinated with the idea that you cannot have what it is you want.

Working on yourself is the hard work.

If you do that, the rest is easy.


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