Channeled Messages: On Letting Go


-Beginning of channeled message- When one holds onto things that no longer serve, one can become stuck in patterns or cycles that seem to become difficult to break from. Sometimes it can be seemingly minor things or things one has not thought of. Everything one experiences is stored in the aura and soul. Some see those as the same entity. By acknowledging what one is holding onto and bringing it to light, one can begin to let go. Understand that negativity does not like to be ignored. You live in a universe of duality, therefore that means that there has to be some form of positive and negative. Ignoring the negative never works for it will stay there and start to fester.

We say that what you focus on expands. This is true. Then you hear us say, negativity does not like to be ignored. This appears to be contradictory. The idea is to bring the negative experiences to light and then let them go. The idea is not to dwell in the negative. Once you have let it go, it is gone. You can continue to focus on the positives and heal at the same time. Remember everything is neutral. You can see bringing up negative experiences as a positive because it allows you to heal and move forwards. Or you can choose to stay there. It is up to you.

You let go by remembering, feeling and letting go. You can let go by, crying, writing, art, singing, exercise etc. Whatever you feel drawn too.

One is going to have negative experiences in their life at one time or another. This is just how your world works. How you handle it and choose to react or see it, will determine the outcome.

Many times people hang on to negative experiences because it becomes comfortable. It becomes easy to stay there.

The negative experience may have seemed out of your control back then, but you now can take control in how you handle it and free yourself from it.

Ask yourself, what am I hanging onto that no longer serves me?

Ask yourself, what am I afraid of and how is that stopping me from moving ahead?

Ask yourself, how can I see what happened differently?

With negative experiences, whatever it was, energetic threads or bonds form to that experience or memory. The idea with letting go, is letting go of the emotional attachment. You will always have the memory or experience, but you do not have to have the emotional attachment to it.

It is the emotional attachments that need to be let go of.

That is why the formula is to remember the negative experience, feel the pain, hurt, upset etc. Then release it.

Everyone at one time or another will need to do this.

Do not hold yourself back because of something that happened in the past.

Do not let the past control your future.

Free yourself from the anchors you have created for yourself.

You are always in control.

-End of channeled message-


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