Different Ways You Can Channel


There are many different ways or things a person can channel. It doesn't have to be vocal channeling or trance mediumship, where a being is speaking though you. Channeling is connecting in with higher energies and being the vessel to bring through the information. A person does this while in a trance state. You know those times where you are so focused on what you are doing and forget where you are and what time it is? Or when you are driving and can't remember how you got to the location you were going to? Those are trance states. You are in trance states more often than you are in a waking state. See, it's easy to get into a trance state! Most people channel all the time with out really recognizing it as such. Learning how to deliberately channel can help improve and/or open up things such as:

  • Writing. Novels, poetry, songs/music etc.
  • Art. Painting, drawing, designing, sculpting, architecture etc.
  • Science. Bringing through equations, scientific information, how things work etc.
  • Health. Bringing through information on what is going on inside peoples bodies or helping them heal health issues.
  • Counseling, healing, therapy etc.
  • Acting, directing, performance of any kind.

Channeling does not have to be for spiritual or guidance purposes all the time. There are practical and useful things that channeling can provide and help with. So if you are a writer and want to improve your writing, learning how to channel can help with that. Chances are you are already channeling, but learning how to do it deliberately can open you up even more.

A simple exercise to do is when you are mediating, imagine a flight of stairs in front of you. Take a step up the first step and see how that feels, then up the next step and see how it feels. Continue to experiment, going up and down on different steps and seeing how it feels. The energy should feel different as you move from one step to another. You will eventually find what feels comfortable and works for you. When you find where you are comfortable, start to see whats there. Start asking questions, who is there to help you etc. By paying attention to the subtleties of the energy, you can learn where you need to be to bring through the information you are looking for. Write down what comes to you each time you do this. You will start to see how you improve and may find the information helpful.

What do you use channeling for? How has it helped you? I use channeling to write songs and music, as well as the vocal channeling. The more open you are, the easier it is for information to flow through you. And remember to always use protection!



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