Channeled Messages: How Past Lives Might Effect Us Today


This is a channeled message on how past lives might effect us today.  

-Beginning of channeled message-

Understand that the soul remembers everything. Understand that you have lived many lives before the one you are currently experiencing. This lifetime is like a chapter in a much larger book. Understand that many experiences from past lives effect one in the present. Sometimes it is a traumatic event that needs to be healed. A situation needed to fix itself. A theme, purpose or goal that needs to be completed. Simply the reconnection with those who you have had relationships with in the past.

Many people have unexplained fears, phobias or things they are drawn to. Many of these things can be explained by looking into the past. Understand that you carry everything with you from lifetime to lifetime. The good and the bad.

For example one may have a fear of water in this lifetime which doesn't make sense due to the fact that nothing traumatic has happened revolving around water. If one is to look in the past they may find that they experienced a ship wreak and died at sea. Or perhaps there was a flood and they couldn't get out in time. Perhaps even they witnessed someone they loved drowning. This would explain the persons fear of water.

Many times you will run into the same people and have similar experiencing with them. Many times things from the past will play themselves out again in similar way so that the situation can be healed and fixed. Many times people will experience the same relationships over and over again.

Relationships in past lives to those who you know now can change from lifetime to lifetime. For example, ones husband could have been their father in a past life. Ones best friend now could have been their sister or brother in a past life. That person may say that their best friend feels more like a sister to them. This is not always the case, but relationships will change from time to time.

Anytime there is trauma in a past life, it needs to eventually be healed. Some do this by reliving certain things in the present. Some do this by remembering what happened and letting it go. Either sub consciously or consciously will work fine. People cannot always remember consciously. Hypnosis is good if this is a problem.

Sometime people have physical aliments or marks that are somewhat unexplainable. If one goes back into the past, they may find reasons for it. For example one may have unexplainable stomach issues, in a past life they were shot in the abdomen and bled to death. One may have unexplained marks on their neck or wrists. This could be from be hanged or tied in a past life. It would be a remnant of the marks of the rope.

Some people may be good a certain skill or drawn to certain things. Sometimes people can take up a skill as if they have been doing it forever. Some people may be drawn to certain places on the Earth or certain languages. This can be a result of past lives. For example, in past life one may have been a poet, in the current life they are a songwriter or author. One may be interested in the country of France and World War One. In the past they may have experienced being a solider or nurse during that time in that area.

Many current things your life may be connected to things that have happened in the past. The past does effect the present. You do not have to always be aware of it, but the idea is to start to find connections and see what seems to fit. On a soul level you remember everything.

-End of channeled message-


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