Recommended Reads: Physical Mediumship


For those interested in physical mediumship, here are some great books on the subject! Careful, they have been known to dematerialize! We're still waiting for a few books to re-materialize... Physical mediumship is where everyone can hear, see and experience spirit. More info here

In Pursuit of Physical Mediumship by Robin P. Foy


"This book contains eye-witness accounts of seance phenomena and communications from several people from the spirit world. This book gives insight and understanding while providing encouragement and information to those working at developing physical phenomena themselves." -


The Two Worlds of Helen Duncan by Gena Brealey and Kay Hunter

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Helen Duncan is considered to be one of the best physical mediums. This book is a biography written by her daughter about the true story her mothers mediumship and personal life. She was also the last person convicted under the witchcraft act in England in 1944.


Incidents In My Life by D.D. Home 


"DANIEL DOUGLAS HOME (1833-1886) was perhaps the greatest physical medium of all time. The astounding phenomena he produced first appeared during the heyday of Spiritualism in America when he was a young boy living with his aunt in Connecticut. She promptly kicked him out of the house. Home became the darling of European society and was twice married to Russian noblewomen. He never charged for his séances, which usually took place in good light. Much of what Home was reported to have done remains a mystery to this day."-


Seance 101 by Elaine M. Kuzmeskus


"Seance 101 explores the physical side of the spirit world and how contact with the other side affects you! Read this book to find out: How spirits communicate with us by tipping tables. Learn the basics from the New England School of Metaphysics. How spirits manifest on film and the methods for using Electronic Voice Phenomena to contact spirits. Where to locate and safely open your third eye, that natural intuition that can be developed into a psychic tool. Learn to meditate and set up a seance. The importance of psychic surgery, medical practices without tools, anesthesia or pain; trumpet mediumship, where spirits speak from megaphones; and precipitated painting, when spirits paint works of art, without the help of mortals." -

Let me know what you think and if you have any other recommendations! :)


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