How To Start A Home Circle


Starting a home circle is a great idea for those looking to develop and strengthen their skills in mediumship, psychic work, energy healing or channeling. Some of the best mediums in the world still get together each week with their circle. You will want to find anywhere from three to ten people for your circle that are looking for the same thing. You want harmony within the circle, so you want everyone on the same page. Be careful of who you choose to invite in. You want positive people not ones who bring in negativity or have big egos.You also want people who are committed and will show up each week. Commitment is very important in home circle work. Once the circle is formed it should stay the same. Do not keep inviting new people each week. You get better results if your group is committed and stays the same each week. Some circles have been together for twenty plus years! You don't have to commit that much of your life, but it goes to show you that it works!

You want to meet at the same time and same place every week or month. You can set up the room with chairs in a circle and place a table in the middle. The table is good to place anything you might need during the session. Its a good idea to smudge or cleanse the room before everyone arrives as well.

It is a good idea to have people arrive ten to fifteen minutes beforehand to get settled in.

Once everyone arrives, one person can lead a group prayer to set the groups intentions and to set up protection.

You can then go into a mediation, either guided or candle meditation. The candle mediation is great for this because it brings everyones focus together. Ten to fifteen minutes is good for the meditation.

You can then start practicing. If it is a mediumship or psychic circle, you can have people practise doing readings. You can also do group exercises such as psychometry, automatic writing or spirit art etc. For channeling you can start to have each person one at a time go into a trance state and see what words they can bring through or start to say. The rest of the group can send energy to them and help guide them along if needed.

The circle should last 1 to 2 hours. When you are finished remember to thank spirit for being with you, blow out any candles and say a closing prayer.


  • The group is not for socializing. If you want to socialize you can set up a time before or after.
  • Commitment is very important!
  • People should not come and go during the session.
  • People should not be late for the session.
  • You should feel comfortable with everyone in the group. Friendly, positive people!
  • If one person improves, the whole group improves.


How you choose to run your circle is up to you. You should have some knowledge and experience of whatever you will be practising. The rest of the groups levels do not matter. It should be fun and enjoyable for everyone!


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